Sponsoring a Charity

How to get started

1. Start by choosing a charity and setting a goal of how much you'd like to raise for them.

2. Decide if you'd like to raise money solo or partner up with a friend or family member.

3. Choose a site to raise money, we recommended 'Just Giving". The site allows you to put in a goal and share an easy to access link for people to donate.

4. Set weekly/monthly training goals on how you want to train and prepare for the event.

5. Share your fundraising link with friends and family, be sure to post it on social media regularly and share what you're doing and why.

6. Reach out to the charity you're fundraising for as they'll be happy to know you're helping and will be able to share your fundraising link. Some charities also provide fundraising buckets and other materials to help raise money.

Sponsoring a Charity

Can't choose a charity?

We understand that sometimes it can be difficult to choose a specific charity when there's many with amazing purposes. Below we've listed some unique not-for-profit charities that that make a huge difference.